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I’m getting into making short videos of people, places, and things related to Ontario wines, wineries, and food. You can find the early videos on the Ontario Wineries Guide YouTube channel. You’ll find the newer ones — and all future videos — on my channel. So, if you subscribe that channel you’ll get notification when new videos are uploaded.YouTube-logo-full_color

There’s a good variety of videos, including a number where winemakers and others involved in the winery/spirits business talk about some aspect of their work – those are my favourites.

If you don’t mind some background noise (whether it’s wind, or bird bangers, or folks chatting in the background) and a, shall we say, “down home” style – I think you’ll enjoy them. There’s lots of interesting information, for example, a description of unique grapes grown at Oxley Estate, what a green harvest is, and even information about barrel making. So check them out…

Here is a list, with links to each:

Queenston Mile Vineyard

Jamie Moody at Kinsip House of Fine Spirits

Rob Peck of Sugarbush Vineyards on Using Geotextiles

The Founders Series: Herbert Konzelmann

Ben Nicks explains how Stratus Vineyards uses a hydrosieve

Ben Nicks of Stratus Vineyards at Dig our Roots 2018

A Brief History of the House at Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery

Hunter Mobile Bottling

Amélie Boury Winemaker at Château des Charmes

Amélie Boury describing how wine barrels are washed

Shauna White, Winemaker and Vineyard Manager at Adamo Estate Winery

Vincenzo DeSimone of DeSimone Vineyards

Ed Madronich of Flat Rock Cellars

Ken Dubois on Konzelmann Estate Winery’s Tasting Junk Fook Pairing

Catherine Langlois of Sandbanks Estate Winery

Tom Wilson talks about Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

JP Adamo talks about Adamo Estate Winery

Winemaker John Battista Calvieri of Hubbs Creek Vineyard

Winemaker Tim Kuepfer of Broken Stone Winery

Woody Cassell of Hillier Creek Estates Describing Spring 2015 Crop Loss

Paul DeCamp of Southbrook Vineyards Describing their 2014 Small Lot Estate Grown Orange Wine

Chef Jason Parsons of Peller Esates talks about Cuvée

Chef Ross Midgley of Ravine Vineyards talks about Cuvée

Chef Justin Downes of Vineland Estates talks about Cuvée

Chef Giovanni Del Priori of Creveller Cakes talks about Cuvée

Andrzej Lipinski Describing his 2012 Biggest Blend

Victoria Westcott of Westcott Vineyards

Andrzej Lipinski Talking About His Winemaking

Ann Sperling Describing Pruning Methods Used at Southbrook 2014

Ann Sperling Describing Southbrook’s Green Harvest (2014)

Tanya Mitchell of Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery

Harold Wagner of Wagner Orchards & Estate Winery

Martin Gorski of North 42 Degrees Estate Winery on the (Non-)Harvest of 2014

Jonas Newman Describing the Methods of Making Sparkling Wine

Jonas Newman of Hinterland Wine Company

Anthony Auciello of Terra Cello Winery

Caroline Granger of The Grange of Prince Edward 

Danielle Giroux of Colio Estate Wines on the Story Behind the Bricklayer’s Line of Wines

Andrew Nichel of Hinterbrook Winery Showing Bud Viability Testing

Graham Rennie of Rennie Estate Winery

Georgian Hills Vineyards Icewine Picking – December 2013

Marianne denHaan of Sheldon Creek Dairy 

Barry Bernstein and Berry Stein of Still Waters Distillery

Pete Bradford of Carriage House Cooperage – Part 1

Pete Bradford of Carriage House Cooperage Describing Toasting and Charring – Part 2

Linda Grimo of Grimo Nuts Nursery

De-hilling of Vines in Prince Edward County

William Rondelez of Black Bear Estate Winery

Santino Paglione of Paglione Estate Winery

Martin Gorski of North 42 Degrees Estate Winery 

Peter Dillon of Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery

Melissa Muscedere of Muscedere Vineyards on the Idea the Stuck 

Chris D’Angelo of D’Angelo Estate Winery

Peter Pfeiffer Describing Unique Grapes Grown at Oxley Estate 

Harvey Hollingshead of Erie Shore Vineyard describing Grafting onto Rootstock

Lawrence Buhler of Colio Estate Winery

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