Name that Winemaker!

I was organizing some of my photos and I came across a few photos of Ontario winemakers, so I thought I’d post them and make a game of it – Name that Winemaker!

Here are the winemakers pictured: Jonas Newman; Caroline Granger; Martin Gorski; Jean-Pierre Colas; Ann Sperling; Paul Pender; Shiraz Mottiar.

Caroline Granger MVI_1869
Photo 1
Shiraz Mottiar - Malivoire IMG_1633
Photo 2
i4C Preview - Ann Sperline Pouring Sperling Wine IMG_1710
Photo 3
Jean-Pierre Colas IMG_1635
Photo 4
Photo 5

Paul Pender - Tawse IMG_1629

Martin Gorski North 42 Degrees Estate Winery IMG_0867
Photo 7








Here are the names that go with each photo: (1) Caroline Granger (2) Shiraz Mottiar; (3) Ann Sperling; (4) Jean-Pierre Colas; (5) Jonas Newman; (6) Paul Pender; (7) Martin Gorski

Bonus Question

And, now, name the winery they’re at.  Hint: each of the winemakers is associated with one of these wineries: (a) Tawse Winery; (b) Hinterland Wine Company; (c) Southbrook Vineyards; (d) Malivoire Wine Company; (e) North 42 Degrees Estate Winery; (f) 13th Street Winery; (g) The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyard.

Answers:  (1) Caroline Granger is at The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyard; (2) Shiraz Mottiar is at Malivoire Wine Company; (3) Ann Sperling is at Southbrook Vineyards; (4) Jean-Piere Colas is at 13th Street Winery; (5) Jonas Newman is at Hinterland Wine Company, (6) Paul Pender is at Tawse Winery, and (7) Martin Gorski is at North 42 Degrees Estate Winery.

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