Terroir in Prince Edward County

I’m just back from a GREAT long weekend in Prince Edward County where a friend and I visited a lot of wineries and attended Terroir 2013. The only complaint I have is there is so much going on in The County that we didn’t get to all the placed I had hoped to visit. The up side of that complaint, mind you, is that I’m already planning my next trip.IMG_0195

The themes for the weekend are easy to summarize

  • Commitment — the winemakers and industry folks that I spoke with are clearly committed to making The County a fantastic destination for wine lovers and explorers. All of them saw the potential of the unique terroir of The County and in the early 2000s they went all in, buying properties and planting. (And, because of the climate and conditions, most of them have the additional task of burying the canes, which means there’s even more work.) Thankfully, their work and vision is paying off now, with lots of terrific wines on offer.IMG_0199
  • Enthusiasm — every person I talked with shares an unbridled enthusiasm — for their vines, their wines, and The County. They’re anxious to share their stories and their wines.
  • Pride — The County winemakers are proud of their work and so they should be.

IMG_0157So, my current task is to add entries to the App for the wineries and other interesting places there are to visit in PEC (like The Carriagehouse Cooperage and 66 Gilead Distillery). So, stay tuned

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