Women Winemakers in Ontario

I’ve updated the app (watch for notification from the App Store for the update) and I’ve included a new category: Women Winemakers.

This is the photo for the app category.
This is the photo for the app category.

I’ve been considering adding this as a category for some time, but a friend of mine thinks it’s sexist of me to do so…. After much thought, I decided to add it – my rationale for doing so is simple: to give a shout out to woman winemakers.

Caroline Granger MVI_1869
Caroline Granger

Women are involved in all areas of the wine business but they often fly below the radar – so I thought it would be nice to celebrate them a bit.

Snapshot 1 (31-08-2014 6-22 PM)
Tanya Mitchell

By the way, of the 144 wineries included in the app to date, 24 of those wineries have women winemakers (or women with the title of associate winemaker). I should also point out that a few of them – like Sue-Ann Staff and Lindsay Puddicombe – are the winemakers at more than one winery, so there aren’t 24 different women winemakers listed in the app. (For the record, this is not uncommon – there are also a handful of male winemakers who are at more than one winery – Andrzej Lipinski and Ross Wise come to mind.)

I’m hoping to get videos of as many of the women winemakers as possible. So far I’ve got videos of:

Click on the names above for a link to the videos.

So – stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Women Winemakers in Ontario

  1. I was so pleased to see you have included a new category, Women Winemakers, on your app. We developed the comprehensive educational website, Women Winemakers of California, as we too wanted to give more visibility to these talented women. FYI, our studies indicated that 10% of wineries in CA have a lead women winemaker. Your numbers indicate a higher percentage, 16.6%.

    • Professor Gilbert — that’s so interesting! Thanks for sharing that info. Good to hear that Ontario is on the leading edge.

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