You know it’s good when…

Last week Tom Magliozzi died – he was one of the co-hosts of National Public Radio’s Car Talk. I never listed to the show, but I gather it was very popular and Tom was well loved. A couple of different newscasts that mentioned his passing ran a clip that was so funny (and so true). In response to the question of how you know if you have a good auto mechanic, Tom answered, “by the size of his boat!”

Well, that indirect indication of the popularity of something came to mind recently I asked three friends if they’d be interested in going to Taste the Season with me. Without a moment’s hesitation they all responded with, “I’d love to!”

I was honestly surprised by how fast they all got back to me. I don’t know about you — but I find that everyone is so busy these days, it can be a truly up-hill battle trying to get together with friends for fun outings. (Especially as we get near the holidays, which means year-end projects at work and busier than usual social schedules.)

My takeaway from the overwhelming positive response I got from my friends is that the wineries have hit on a terrific idea with Taste the Season.

So – if your November weekends aren’t already chock full – or if there are some friends you may be wondering what to get for the holidays – why not invite them to join you for a day (or more) of winery hoping and wine shopping. I’ll bet you’ll find they’ll jump at the idea.

Taste the Season starts this Friday (Nov. 7, 2014).

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