Requirements for being organic

The last couple Vintages bi-weekly catalogues have had some interesting copy. (Not sure if I’d call it articles – especially since no by-line is given – shame on Vintages.)

In the catalogue for items available April 13, 2019 they’re featuring organic wines. So, interspersed in the catalogue is interesting snippets of info about what it takes for a winery to be considered organic.

One of the pieces of information that was news to me was that: “For certified organic wines, local yeasts must be used in fermentation.” (p. 4) I’d not heard that about requiring use of local yeasts… Mind you, I there are different certification bodies out there and the Vintages catalogue doesn’t specify the certification body, but still, it’s interesting. (Note: on p. 9 it says all products sold as organic at the LCBO is vetted by their Quality Assurance department. And, if you follow the link they provide, they say that the LCBO QA department requires the Canadian Organic Regulations be satisfied.)

Anyway, the reason that comment about the yeast caught my eye is because I typically think about the vineyard management aspects of being organic – not so much on the production aspects.

What about you? Do you shop for wines that are certified organic?

6 thoughts on “Requirements for being organic

  1. chrystal

    Interesting about the yeast needing to be local.
    I have tried a few organic Spanish wines but they weren’t my favorite. In response to Joanne’s comment….I thought all wine was vegan?

    • Joanne Wise

      I was surprised to learn that vegan wine is a thing. Apparently animal-based products (gelatin, eggs, etc.) are often used to clarify and stabilize wines. Over to Ingrid for a proper explanation…

    • Yeah — not sure about the vegan thing either… I have notices some wines specifically listed as vegan… and my thought is usually “what’s with that” — something I’m going to keep my eye on… and I’ll write more about it if/when I find out!

      • Ah… just saw Joanne’s response — yes, that makes sense — perhaps some fining agents are not considered vegan. Ah… but are they local? Are they organic? Interesting and complicated stuff… I LOVE that people (besides me) are curious about all this… thanks for the insights both of you!

  2. Interesting — I always ask people coming over for dinner if they have food allergies or preferences, but I’ve not asked about their wine preferences… nor has anyone ever expressed one…

  3. Joanne Wise

    That’s an intriguing tidbit. I don’t generally look for organic wines, except when I have a guest with that preference. In that case, I generally go to the Chilean section. Must check out some Ontario options. For vegan guests it’s currently Montes Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon.

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