Holiday Specials

I am on the mailing list of a lot of Ontario wineries. I sign up to receive emails from them because I like hearing what’s going on at the winery. I’m always impressed with the ideas wineries have in terms of events they’re running and Wine Country Ontario-type events they participate in.

This time of year, there’s an added bonus to being on their email list, as LOTS of them are running Black Friday and Holiday specials. For example, the other day Henry of Pelham had a couple of different offers – one for a mixed case and one featuring two bottles of six of their wines – at 24% off! It was a one-day sale, so not much time to debate.

At first, I thought – gosh, I don’t need another case of wine. But I’m hosting a few get togethers and there will be visits to friends where I’ll want to bring along a bottle of wine. Indeed, in thinking about it, I realized I’ll probably go through a case pretty quickly. And the idea of having a nice selection of Ontario wines on hand – and at a handsome discount – made the ultimate decision easy. (I ordered the case that features two bottles of six wines.)

If you’re not on your favourite wineries’ email lists – it’s usually pretty easy to sign up on their website. Alternatively, it’s probably worth checking their site this time of year to see if they have any on-line specials for the holidays – you may find some irresistible special like I did.

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