Cuvée Culinary Partners: Pop-up (Gourmet) Restaurants

Chef Ross Midgley, Executive Chef at Ravine Vineyard Estates Winery, has an interesting way of describing what it’s like to be one of the chefs at Cuvée’s Grand Tasting (Feb. 27th) – it’s like having a pop-up restaurant for one night.MVI_2439

A neat way of looking at it, eh?

In a recent interview Midgley, who is new to Ravine but certainly not to the Niagara culinary scene, explained that doing Cuvée is a nice change from the ala carte service he and his staff do at Ravine. One thing that isn’t different about cooking for an event as large as Cuvée is his interest in using local ingredients as much as possible. So, with that in mind, he designed the dishes he’ll be serving that evening.

At Cuvée he’ll be serving two dishes: individual Traditional Quebecois Tourtière with St. David’s sweet pepper relish and a seafood dish featuring lobster and scallop sausage with a butter sauce.

Here’s a short video of Chef Midgley talking about Cuvée.


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