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No – this isn’t a stock market update, or news of some new fashion. Just a comment about what I think must be an emerging culinary trend: Raclette.

What’s that you ask? Well, it depends. Raclette happens to be a type of cow’s milk cheese that melts very well. Raclette also can refer to a Swiss-dish that involves heating said cheese. No – it’s not fondue (another Swiss dish that is often involves melted cheese).

Anyway, if melted cheese appeals to you (and come on, how can it not??) – and you’ve never tried Raclette – well, your time has come. At least a few Ontario wineries are doing their part to revive the Swiss specialty.

As noted in my earlier post about loving February, on Saturday afternoons throughout February there’s Raclette at Malivoire with The Cheesy Guys ($10/person and it includes tasting of 3 wines). As well, Hidden Bench Winery is hosting Raclette On The Bench on Feb. 14-16th from noon to 4 p.m. ($10 plus wine).

Those are two Raclette-centered happenings I’ve heard about at wineries – but there may be more. (Let us know if you hear about any!)

I predict this Raclette thing will catch on. (I know, it’s been around for years – but some of us weren’t necessarily around the last time it was hip.) Anyway – enjoying the best of two worlds: Ontario wines and Ontario cheese – what a great way to relax when it’s so cold outside!


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